Mr. Campaigning

Campaigning is the art of pulling all the stops to change people’s understanding, mindset or behavior in the fields of leadership, change, marketing, communication and politics. It is more than communication.

Already back in 1998 when I launched my first campaigning firm some people called me „Mr. Campaigning“, which happened more and more after we launched the Campaigning Summit Switzerland in 2013. In 2019 finally I decided to accept that name and to launch Mr. Campaigning AG (AG stands for stock company).

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This new name is so much easier to remember than „business campaigning Ltd.“, the name of the last company, and as a brand it gives me a lot more freedom to do projects that are not necessarily business related. I call them „Mr. Campaigning’s missions for good“. For example campaigning for ideas that provide solutions to the climate and plastic waste crisis.

Mr. Campaigning has a reputation as a specialist for impossible missions. To accomplish these missions he works with a network of freelance specialists and partner companies which he employs depending on the demand of specific skills needed for a specific mission.

The feather in the sign stands for communication, the lightning for interventions and the cross they form for the multiplication sign, because Campaigning is the product of communication and interventions (communication x interventions).

This approach also means being able to pull out ALL the stops in order to achieve your goals at the lowest costs possible. That is not always cheap. But the approach reduces the risk of wasting money on activities that only cost but don’t bring you closer to your goals. Effectiveness comes before efficiency.

One thing Mr. Campaigning has been doing successfully since 2003, long before anybody else: in so called Target Community Labs™ we let the target group develop a strategy for themselves.