How to make carbon pricing palatable to air travelers

Importantly, consumers even chose more expensive tickets with a fee described this way over cheaper tickets that had no extra $14 fee attached at all.

„Taxes feel like you’re charging people money for nothing,“ said Hardisty. „Whereas an offset is the idea that, ‚Sure we’re paying, but we kind of have an idea where that payment is going, to make the environment better,‘ which is what people want.“

Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months

There’s a growing consensus that the next year-and-a-half are key in the battle against rising temperatures.
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Executive Coach Lisa Christen’s Business Podcast on Future of Marketing

Business leadership podcast by Executive Coach Lisa Christen with AI Marketing and business campaigning guru Peter Metzinger.
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Master Your Time: 5 Daily Scheduling Methods to Bring More Focus to Your Day

More people are starting to feel as if their days are filled with tasks and projects that are left unfinished. While there may not be one proven method to help you complete it all, there are a few that can help you feel more accomplished. This article shows the different ways to analyze your work day. One choice is to
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Twitter vs. Facebook: Which Platform Should Your Business Be On?

If you are faced with the task of choosing between Facebook and Twitter to implement your social media strategy, you should consider a side-by-side comparison of the features, and notate which platform provides the most value for your needs. In this article, you will find a short breakdown between the two platforms to
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How this simple trick significantly increases the performance of Facebook ads

This article experiments with the copy length to maximize campaign performance. Contrary to the experts that claim the best way to achieve maximum leads is to have short copy, emojis and a few key points, the ads with at least one paragraph achieved the best performance, and the results improved over ads with only one
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Micro Conversions: What They Are, Why They Matter, & How to Track Them

This article demonstrates how to effectively use micro-conversions as a step in your buyer’s journey. While micro-conversions seem to be minor, if used properly, they can prove to be very effective in your marketing efforts. At some point, it may be worth taking a look at the source of your ad efforts, to help determin
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I’ll be speaking tomorrow at the Worldwebforum

When I landed in Tokyo last Friday I got a message via WhatsApp asking me if I could speak about Artificial Intelligence in tourism and the transformation that the industry will have to master. It was a reaction on my latest post here. I will speak in the tourism track right after Amazon bestseller Christopher Kai and we will answer questions during the following panel together.



FDP Clean Up Day und das Kippenproblem

Impressionen vom gestrigen FDP Clean Up Day. Weit mehr als ein Dutzend Mitglieder der FDP Dietikon und drei Vorstandsmitglieder des Quartiervereins Limmatfeld haben den Rapidplatz und die Nötzliwiese von Unrat befreit. Die enorme Menge an Zigarettenstummeln beschäftigt mich seitdem. Das ist wirklich schlimm. Wie können wir erreichen, dass Raucher ihre Kippen ordentlich entsorgen und nicht einfach wegwerfen?

Stéphane Broutin zeigte uns zudem, wie einfach es wäre, den Kalkstein unter den Arkaden beim Rapidplatz zu reinigen. Die Verwaltungen dort müssten es einfach nur bei der DBU in Auftrag geben.

What Deep Learning Shares With Little Kids

Yesterday I came across this article in Psychology today:

The beauty of deep neural network is that they seem to have much in common with the human mind—on steroids and capable of learning at the speed of light.
— It contains the statement „scientists are experts at correcting their errors. And they do this by purposefully making them.“ I like this statement a lot, because it explains the core of scientific thinking which is the fundament of „evidence based campaigning“.

Read the article: