Happy New Year And Why Social Media Is More Than Just A Toolkit

The following text I sent as a newsletter before Christmas. Again I am only writing in German for a mainly German speaking audience. What I basically say is that it was announced that in 2010 in the USA for the first time more money was been spent for online advertising than for print ads. This year might mark a turning point for corporation communication and marketing. Personally I can see a huge demand for Social Media Campaigning. We are already 70% booked for next year and mostly with Social Media Campaigning. On top Kiwi Custom and my agency business campaigning Switzerland developed a Social Media Cockpit to allow professional marketers and communicators, as well as agencies or corporate departments, to handle all the different social media platforms as easily and flexible as possible. But why such a focus on one tool, when I always say that Campaigning is the opposite of tool-orientation? – Because Social Media Marketing is not just another tool or toolkit. It’s a new way of thinking, it requires an open and authentic culture of dialogue. This has always been part of our understanding of Campaigning. Most „new“ features being discussed in the context of Social Media can be found in my book, which was published in 2003.

Because this new way of thinking, Social Media Marketing, requires a cultural change for most companies, these companies need Change Management or Organisational Development first, before they can hope to be successful with this new approach. You cannot simply delegate Social Media to a communication or marketing department. Interdisciplinary approaches, as they are typical for Campaigning, are key success factors.

Social Media finally create an environment that demands an approach that is typical for Campaigning.

In this sense the rise of Social Media could also mean a breakthrough for Campaigning, or at least what our industry association pro:campaigning and myself understand under Campaigning. Focussing on Social Media in this context is not focussing on one toolkit but rather on our unique strengths that have always been a differentiator between Campaigning and other approaches. E.g. our „first listen then talk“ guideline, as well as TRUE target group orientation.

Read the newsletter (in German):

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SCG1: «Apple-Hasser schweissen Apple-Jünger noch mehr zusammen»

Im heutigen Tages-Anzeiger (via standart.at) beleuchtet ein Artikel die Art und Weise, wie Apple als Unternehmen polarisiert und sich dadurch so positioniert, dass das Unternehmen sich eine extrem loyale Fangemeinschaft schafft, begeistert und am Leben erhält. Wer das business campaigning® Modell kennt, wird merken, dass es sich dabei um den Strategischen Campaigning Grundsatz™ Nr. 1 (SCG1) handelt: «Polarisieren, profilieren, positionieren». Wenn ich (an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich HWZ im Executive MBA Marketing zum Thema unterrichte, ist dies der wichtigste Grundsatz, den die Teilnehmenden verstehen müssen. Polarisieren heisst nicht notwendigerweise provozieren – zumindest nicht auf negative Art und Weise. Es heisst, mit Gegensätzen arbeiten, nicht anders sein, sondern total anders als die Konkurrenz – auf allen Ebenen differenzieren. Den SCG1 anzuwenden, erfordert genau deshalb auch Mut. Wer total anders sein will, muss neue Gleise beschreiten, die vor ihm noch niemand gegangen ist. Scheitert man dabei, kann man sich nicht dabei berufen, so so gemacht zu haben, wie alle anderen. Es gilt jedoch weiterhin: Wer wagt, gewinnt!

Im Folgenden zitiere ich zuerst die entsprechenden Passagen aus meinem Buch und dann den Artikel im Tages-Anzeiger, der online auch hier gelesen werden kann. So kann sich jeder selbst ein Bild davon machen, wie gut Apple sich an den wichtigsten Grundsatz des business campaigning® hält.

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Back To Switzerland

I am currently having a stop over on my way from Melbourne to Switzerland. Before departure I got no more chance to write something. This time being in Melbourne was a more intense experience than the other times. Not only did I get a lot of work done and could still meet my friends and also make new friends (especially among the tango addicts of Melbourne). I had the goal to get to know people who are in the same business and who can help me to expand my agency’s business network to Australia. I got to know a Marketing coach (through a friend at his café), a Crisis Communication & PR consultant (he also manages a small Harley rental, where I rented a Harley), my publisher’s representative for Australia and New Zealand (at an AC/DC afterparty), who wants to help me with the English version of my book, the CEO of Whispir, an alert communication technology provider for Crisis Management and found out, that an old friend had started his own business with Personal Development, Fine Art Management and Strategic Consulting. All these people have a similar approach and share the same values as I do.

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Progress on the English version of Business Campaigning is slower than planned. One reason is that I have to do more work for clients than I expected while being in Australia, far away from home. The other reason says more about the whole concept. It’s the importance of definitions. Today I had my second meeting with Cate Newman-Marshall and like last time, we spent all of our time with definitions. But without them, without defining important expressions in a way that they will be understood correctly by the readers of the book, the whole book would make no sense. Especially, as this is one of the major problems of the whole communications industry: too many expressions that are not clearly defined. Of all things the communication industry… Just think of words like marketing, communication, PR and advertising – where exactly are the boundaries between them?

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Maximizing ROI and Changerators

Yesterday I met Cate Newman-Marshall again at Nineteen Squares for a proper meeting to talk about the book. I had sent her some pages in advance, as far as I had gotten with writing and translating. (A lot of the work is translating my checklists.) She had a lot of good questions of understanding, coming from her deep understanding of the topic, but reading about the business campaigning® concept for the first time. One major discussion point were the meanings of expressions, which form the foundation of the concept, expressions like pulling out all the stops, guidelines, tools etc.

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