business campaigning®

Campaigning is the art of pulling all the stops to change people’s information, mindset or behavior. It is more than communication because it requires management skills and tools to accomplish such a mission.

business campaigning® is a registered brand, the name of my company and the campaigning model which is the foundation of our work as well as the name of the book which I wrote about the model.

I founded business campaigning GmbH in 1997 with the objective to make the Campaigning approach that I learned in NGOs like Greenpeace available to the business sector and to promote «useful campaigns for useful products and ideas».

Since then we have gotten a reputation as the specialists for impossible missions. My firm is as much a consulting firm as a creative agency.

We are a small team of employees with a network of freelance specialists and partner companies which we employ depending on the demand of specific skills needed for a specific mission.

We can build on a global partners network with offices on all continents.

Campaigning also means being able to pull out ALL the stops in order to achieve your goals at the lowest costs possible.

This is not always cheap. But the approach reduces the risk of wasting money on campaigns and other activities that only cost but don’t bring you closer to your goals. Effectiveness comes before efficiency.

True target group orientation is at the heart of our approach.

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