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2010 Silbermedaille beim Schreibszene-Slogan-Wettbewerb für 
«Der Jungbrunnen aus der Flasche»

2015 MK-Vordenker in der Kategorie Dienstleister


  • From 1983 – 1990 I studied physics and finished with a master degree at the University of Heidelberg. During that time I gathered first campaigning experience, actually since 1982.
  • For 13 years I worked for Greenpeace, first as a volunteer, then Campaigner, then Campaigns Director of Greenpeace Switzerland. I was called to Switzerland in 1991 to success-fully prevent operating licences for two nuclear reactors.
  • 1998 launch of business campaigning GmbH. The work of this consulting firm and agency is based on the business campaigning® model / theory, which I developped in the same year. I learned how to start up a company at the Institut für Jungunternehmen in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • In 1999 I started lecturing business campaigning® at various universities of applied sciences and other educational institutions in Switzerland and Austria. Since 2007 I have been course manager of the world‘s only Certificate of Advanced Studies Campaigning, today in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne.
  • In 2002 my agency and two others founded pro:campaigning, the international, professional industry association for campaigning with members in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. In the same year a friend and I founded the Swiss motorbikers‘ political advocacy group IG Motorrad.
  • In 2003 I wrote a book on Business Campaigning (so far only in German).
  • Since 2004 I have been a Venturelab trainer and since 2007 a member of the jury of Venturekick. Both are dedicated to foster the development of start-ups in Switzerland.
  • In 2007 four pro:campaigning member agencies, from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and USA, founded the „Worldwide effective Campaigning agencies network“ („WeCan“ – a claim that we invented almost a year before Barack Obama). It is my personal goal to expand this network. Peter Metzinger
  • In 2008 I was one of three initiators for the Jatropha Sustainable Biofuels Alliance, with the mission to end the black-and-white-discussion on food vs. biofuels, because there are biofuels which even help to fight hunger – climate protection and poverty reduction at the same time. Jatropha is one of them,
  • Also in 2008 three partners and I founded another agency, specialised in rapid crisis communication support for its clients, based on an insurance business model: The Reputation Rescue Company AG, whose chairman I am.
  • You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Internations, Wer-kennt-wen and Xing
  • E-mail: peter.metzinger[at]
  • Twitter:
  • My main hobbies are politics, science, motorcycle riding, Ninjutsu and tango.
  • I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of AC/DC
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