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Peter Metzinger by Regula Roost 2014

International speaker on Campaigning as the Science of Change , lecturer and strategic campaigning consultant. Campaigner since 1982. One of the minds behind the Open Forum concept at the World Economic Forum. Proprietor and managing director of business campaigning GmbH.

Campaigning is the art of motivating people to change their habits, opinions or attitudes via well thought-through and strategically planned activities so they help you to effectively achieve your goals in a concrete and measurable way. It has been applied in marketing, PR, branding, internal communication, advertising, community buildung, crisis management, change management, public affairs etc.

I’ve been working in campaigning since 1982. Until 1991 as a volunteer for Greenpeace, from 1991 to 1994 as Nuclear Campaigner and from 1994 to 1997 as Campaigns Director at Greenpeace Switzerland.

Since 1998 I’ve been working as a strategic campaigning consultant for a broad range of companies and as a lecturer at different Swiss universities of applied sciences as well as educational institutes and at the Management Center Innsbruck in Austria.

I own Switzerland’s leading business campaigning agency – business campaigning GmbH – with a team of around 10 employees and a network of freelancers, that manages all kinds of campaigns for profit and nonprofit purposes. We are a campaigning consultancy and agency, specialized in «impossible missions» for clients with especially difficult and complex challenges in the areas of branding, marketing, communications, politics and change.

We make campaigns. Differently.

We also offer basic agency services like graphic design. Whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Since 2013 we are host of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland – the place to be for anyone on a mission to change the course of history (or maybe just the course of a certain business or campaign). Motto: networking, inspiring and learning from each other.


We also offer basic agency services like graphic design. Whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Of you prefer bullet points, here they are.


Current Positions


Awards (sorry, in German…)

2010 Silbermedaille Schreibszene-Slogan-Wettbewerb für 
«Der Jungbrunnen aus der Flasche»

2015 MK-Vordenker in der Kategorie Dienstleister

2015 Nomination für den Award Corporate Communications der von mir strategisch konzipierten Jubiläums- und Image-Kampagne der Urner Kantonalbank


  • From 1983 – 1990 I studied physics and finished with a master degree at the University of Heidelberg. During that time I gathered first campaigning experience, actually since 1982.
  • For 13 years I worked for Greenpeace, first as a volunteer, then Campaigner, then Campaigns Director of Greenpeace Switzerland. I was called to Switzerland in 1991 to success-fully prevent operating licences for two nuclear reactors.
  • 1998 launch of business campaigning GmbH. The work of this consulting firm and agency is based on the business campaigning® model / theory, which I developped in the same year. I learned how to start up a company at the Institut für Jungunternehmen in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • In 1999 I started lecturing business campaigning® at various universities of applied sciences and other educational institutions in Switzerland and Austria. Since 2007 I have been course manager of the world‘s only Certificate of Advanced Studies Campaigning, today in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne.
  • In 2002 my agency and two others founded pro:campaigning, the international, professional industry association for campaigning with members in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. In the same year a friend and I founded the Swiss motorbikers‘ political advocacy group IG Motorrad.
  • In 2003 I wrote a book on Business Campaigning (so far only in German).
  • Since 2004 I have been a Venturelab trainer and since 2007 a member of the jury of Venturekick. Both are dedicated to foster the development of start-ups in Switzerland.
  • In 2007 four pro:campaigning member agencies, from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and USA, founded the „Worldwide effective Campaigning agencies network“ („WeCan“ – a claim that we invented almost a year before Barack Obama). It is my personal goal to expand this network. Peter Metzinger
  • In 2008 I was one of three initiators for the Jatropha Sustainable Biofuels Alliance, with the mission to end the black-and-white-discussion on food vs. biofuels, because there are biofuels which even help to fight hunger – climate protection and poverty reduction at the same time. Jatropha is one of them,
  • Also in 2008 three partners and I founded another agency, specialised in rapid crisis communication support for its clients, based on an insurance business model: The Reputation Rescue Company AG, whose chairman I am.
  • You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Internations, Wer-kennt-wen and Xing
  • E-mail: peter.metzinger[at]businesscampaigning.com
  • Twitter: twitter.com/campaigning
  • My main hobbies are politics, science, motorcycle riding, Ninjutsu and tango.
  • I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of AC/DC

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