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I am an international speaker on Campaigning as the Science of Change, a lecturer and strategic consultant.

On a local level I am engaged in our city’s parliament and various location development organisations.

Campaigning – Passion And Profession

Campaigning is the art of motivating people to change their understanding, mindset or behavior via well thought-through and strategically planned activities so they help you to effectively achieve your goals in a concrete and measurable way. It has been applied in leadership. change, marketing, PR, branding, internal communication, advertising, community building, crisis management, public affairs etc.

History As Mr. Campaigning

Long time ago, in 1982 I launched my first campaign. Therefore, people in Switzerland have called me „Mr. Campaigning“ since 1998. In 2019 I decided to give this name to my company. Mr. Campaigning supports companies, industry associations and other organisations in mastering seemingly impossible missions in the fields of leadership, marketing, communications and/or politics – e.g. for clients from ABB to the World Economic Forum.

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Impossible Is Just A Word For Change

Mr. Campaigning has helped hundreds of clients to become more successful, master their challenges and have fun while doing so.

„When others can see only two possible ways he often finds a third one“ (feedback from a former colleague).

„Peter helped us to design the Open Forum when I was COO at the World Economic Forum. It was the answer and solution to a challenge that seemed an impossible mission at that time, which was to build bridges and to communicate the WEF’s dedication to improve the state of the world to an extremely critical public. Peter’s systematic approach based on his campaigning system and combined with some amount of creativity and decades of campaigning experience were extremely helpful in identifying the right approach and strategy and in working out some of the details of the concept.“ André Schneider on LinkedIn 

Innovation Is In My DNA

In 1987 a group of Greenpeace campaigners that I was part of connected computers across several cities to organize a campaign against nuclear waste shipments without giving the police a chance to find out about our plans (they had tapped pour phones). It was then when I learned the importance not only of digitization but also of immediately applying the latest innovation of tools.

Innovation has become part of my Campaigning DNA.

„In 2017, we used artificial intelligence together for the first time in topic analysis as part of a vote in Switzerland. This resulted in a strategic and very close cooperation and was possible because Peter has brilliant understanding and enormous expertise. Like hardly any other person with vision, he understands how to consistently derive the right actions from the data of joint analyses and how to move from the idea to its implementation. He is the bundle of energy that one can only wish for as a consultant alongside an entrepreneur, an association or a politician. „Mr. Campaigning“ is the logical next step. Good luck!“ Steffen Konrath

Mr. Campaigning can also offer basic agency services like graphic design. Whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Since 2013 Mr. Campaigning has been the host of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland and launched the platform – the place to be for anyone on a mission to change the course of history (or maybe just the course of a certain business or campaign). Motto: networking, inspiring and learning from each other.

Other Positions


Awards (sorry, in German…)

2010 Silbermedaille Schreibszene-Slogan-Wettbewerb für 
«Der Jungbrunnen aus der Flasche»

2015 MK-Vordenker in der Kategorie Dienstleister

2015 Nomination für den Award Corporate Communications der von mir strategisch konzipierten Jubiläums- und Image-Kampagne der Urner Kantonalbank


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